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The Shawnee County Landlord's Association provides education, information and consultation. SCLA is committed to developing and maintaining rental properties that are safe and meet high standards of health and decency. To ensure this goal, the Association is committed to working with private and public organizations.


NOTICE:  The location of our meetings will be changed for 2017.  We will be meeting at "THE LANDING", 2920 SE CROCO RD, Topeka, KS. Meetings start at 7 PM.


LandlordFile.com is THE Landlord's networking resource. This site has been established to help you, the landlord, contact other landlords to talk about one of our favorite subjects. TENANTS and APPLICANTS. As we all know, most applicants were some other landlord's tenant in the past. Some applicants don't always tell the truth about who their former landlords are. This site exists to help YOU, the landlord, find the TRUTH. Before we proceed, ask yourself the following questions

  • Do you own rental property?
  • Have you ever had a tenant that didn't pay rent?
  • Have you ever had to evict a tenant?
  • Has one of your tenants ever damaged your property?
  • Would you be willing to tell other landlords about your former tenants? 




Fairhousing Information

Click on the link to get the basic facts we should all know about fair housing.

When are we meeting in your neighborhood?

Click here to see when and where the NIAs are meeting.


January 19, 2017

No Meeting in December 2016

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